Zen Necklace

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1) Open the jump ring with your Chain Nose and Round Nose pliers. Slip on the Tagua Nut and the Leaf Charm. Close the jump ring.

2) Take the two lengths of leather cording and attach a Fold Over Connector to the end of each length. Open a Split Ring by using your Split Ring pliers to gently hold the wire of the Split Ring far enough to slip the connector loop of the two attach Fold Over connector onto it. Before letting go of the Split Ring pliers, slip on one half of the clasp.

To Finish.

3) Go to the other end of the leather cords and fold over the remaining two Fold Over Connectors over the ends. Thread on the jump ring from step #1. Take your Split Ring pliers again and attach the connector loop of the two Fold Over Connectors to the open Split Ring, as well as the other half of the clasp. Remove the Split Ring Pliers and your Necklace is set!

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