You and Me-Valentine' Day Hoop Art

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Do you want to make something fun for Valentine's Day? Look, there is a great idea for cute heart and bright arrow.

It's so great to put them together, just a little stitch files, glue and a super cute hoop.

It also needs embroidery too. Just to sew out you + me. It is so lovely.

Materials needed: 

embroidery hoop, fabric for hoop, red and white felt, linen for small heart, embroidery thread, twigs, glue, ribbon for bow.

Making Details:

Cut out your fabric that is a little larger than the hoop. Put your fabric onto the flat, make sure it's nice and tight.

Cut out the red heart-shaped felt to decorate the center of your flat. 

Cut the trim and glue it to the back of heart side.

Glue your heart shape in the center of your flat.

Cut out heart from linen. You just make it smaller than the felt heart.

Write out what you like to say on the linen with your pen.

Stitch the heart to the hoop with needle.

Rewrite your phrase, because you ink may disappear.

Embroider your heart with three strands of embroidery.

Wow, so cute. Now, you will have to trim the fabric around the hoop. Glue the fabric inside to the hoop on back side with hot glue.

Cut two small twigs for your top and bottom as arrow sections.

Cut two small pieces for the arrow top and a small red heart.

Layer two white hearts together and put the red one on top of it.

Stitch the white and red heart together.

Open up the top of heart and glue one of the twigs to the top center.

For the bottom of arrow, glue another twig to the center of it.

Wrap embroidery floss around the twig in three places, just add a some different colors.

Glue down to the back side of twig.

Tuck the bottom end of arrow and trim on your left side of your heart and glue down.

Repeat the same step for your top arrow. Make sure it looks like the arrow and go straight under the heart.

Finish off the hoop with a little sweet bow.

Now, you have a cute decoration for your valentine.

Although it is a little complicated. Hope you will like to DIY it : )

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