Wreath Necklace

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1) Take the 16 " length of chain and open the connector ring on the Spring Ring with your Chain and Round Nose pliers. Attach the connector loop to an end link on on side of the length of chain and close the loop on the Spring Ring. Set aside.

2) Take the 8 " length of wire and cut this down further into a 6 " length of wire and a 2 " length of wire. Take the 2 " length of wire and begin to make a wrapped loop on one end of the wire. Make the loop fairly large, and before closing the loop off to begin wrapping, thread on the Siam Briolette Pendant. Wrap and cut off the excess wire tail. Thread the Bow Bead onto the remaining length of wire and make another wrapped loop with the rest of the wire. Make sure to have this loop face perpendicular to the larger loop at the other end.

3) Take the 6 " length of wire and thread on one Siam Round and three Fern Green Pendants. Repeat this pattern three more times, then thread on another Siam Round and the bow bead wrapped loop from step #2. Then repeat the above pattern four more times and end with the last Siam Round.

4) Take the wire from one side of the loop and bend it straight up into a 90°. Wrap the wire from the other side of the loop around the bent wire and then trim off the excess wire. With the bent wire, form a medium sized simple loop.

5) Attach the loop from the previous step onto the middle long link on the chain.

To Finish.

7) Open the jump ring and attach it to the end link on the other end of the chain. Make sure that it is closed securely - done!.

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