Woven Fabric Imitation Swarovski Necklace

Product Details

Materials: red and white woven fabric, pin, red and white thread, crystal button, satin or lace trim, some cotton, iron or brass chain 

Tools: pin, scissors, cardboard

1. Tailor the cardboard into a star and a teardrop according to the above-mentioned picture. Then tailor two stars and ten teardrops with the woven fabric according the templet.

2. Sew up two teardrops together and do not forget to put a little cotton inside. At last there are five petals.

3. Then we use red thread to sew the teardrops and the stars together.

4. Put some cotton into the star before we sew the last teardrop.

5. You can decorate it with fur ball or crystal button or other you like.

6. Add some lace trim or satin on the back and sew a button on it. Then hang it on the chain and a lovely necklace is finished. Of course, if you like, you can change it into a brooch with a safety pin.

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