Wire Wrapped Ring

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You'll need:

An 8mm Bead

Wire(I'm using 20 gauge Artistic Wire)

Wire cutter

Bent nose pliers or or chain nose pliers

Ring mandrel

Step 1: Cut a length of wire about 12" long. Put the 8mm bead in the middle of the wire, and lay it flat on the mandrel at the line indicating your chosen ring size. Wrap either end of wire around the mandrel and bring it back to the front so the wire ends lie to either side of the 8mm focal bead.

Step 2: Firmly gripping the wire so it stays tight, cross the wires around the bead.

Step 3: Again, keeping the wires tight, cross the wires again. As you cross the wires, you want the newly wrapped wire to lay underneath the previous crossed wire.

Step 4: Keeping wrapping the wires around the circle of the bead, keeping pressure on the wire and making each new layer wrapped underneath the previous layer.

Step 5: When you have either four or five wraps, then you're finished wrapping around the bead, and it is time to finish the sides.

Step 6: Before wrapping the sides, clip the excess wire - give yourself about 1.5" of wire on both sides to finish the ring with.

Step 7: Wrap the tail of the wire around one side of the ring. Keep firm pressure on the wire to make nice, neat loops.

Step 8: When you have three or four loops, snip off the excess wire with your wire cutters. I snip mine with the cut on top of the ring so that the end isn't underneath and poking my finger.

Step 9: At this point, I gently squeeze the newly cut tip of wire with my pliers to snug it in so it won't catch or scratch.


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