Wire Ring

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Supplies for Wire Rings:

A piece of 18-gauge round wire – about 7″ to 10″ (17.78 cm to 25.4 cm) long. (I used copper and brass wires in my examples here.)

A ruler.

Wire cutter.

Round nose pliers.

Flat nose pliers.

Chain nose pliers.

Ring mandrel.

Nylon or rawhide hammer for hammering your ring on the mandrel.


1. Use the very tips of your round nose pliers to bend your piece of wire in a U-shape.

2. Then use your flat nose pliers to squash the U-shape as flat as possible.

3. Wrap your flat-folded wire around your ring mandrel, and use your hammer to pound the shank into a nice ring shape.

Hammer starting at the folded end, then moving around to the wire on the back of your mandrel, and on around to where your wires meet up with the fold.

DON’T hammer your 2 long wire ends yet, or you won’t be able to curve and shape them easily.

4. Then remove your wire from the mandrel. It should look like this:

5. Here I’ve used my round nose pliers to turn the longer wire end into a large, open spiral – and the shorter wire end into a little curl:

6. After you’ve finished designing both of your wire ends, put your ring back on the mandrel and give it a good hammering all over – including your fancy wire design.

Hammering the fancy wirework will ensure your design will curve naturally around the top surface of the wearer’s finger.

And just as important, the hammering will harden your wire design and make it sturdier:

Here’s a view of the back of my ring after hammering it all over.

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