Wire Knot Ring

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1. First thing to do is to cut a piece of wire.

2. Next, wrap your wire around the tube of your lip balm. Wrap it on tight and slip it off.

3. Cut of the extra bits, if any. I cut of the parts that were sticking out, about 8mm from each side. You can even leave it as it is and not cut anything. I didn’t want the ends that were going to form the ‘knot’ to be too long, but sometimes that can be an advantage. You can see the ideal length of the wire on the photos below.

4. Now bend the wire coming from your left to aim away from the ring and then bend again to aim it slightly upwards, as shown on pictures below.

5. With your round nose pliers form a little ‘almost loop’, wire crossing above itself on the top side of the ring but not actually touching.

6. Now you are going to put the other size of the ring (the wire from the other side) through the loop that you almost created. Ideally, you have left a little space between the ring the wire crossing itself (hence forming the loop) and so you can slip the other wire in very easily. If you can’t do it that way, just get it in any way you can and then ‘reform’ the ring shape again using the lip balm tube.

7. Now you can ‘close up’ the first loop a bit (bring the wire closer to the ring) and do the same with the send wire end, forming another loop, as indicated in the picture below.

8. Almost done! The hardest part is done. Just make sure, before you close up the knot, that the ring is the desired size. You can still make it slightly larger or smaller at this point. Once you close your knot, the ring is basically done.

9. Tuck in any wire that’s out of place & tighten the knot

Use your chain nose and bent chain nose pliers to close up the knot, shape it the way you want it, and adjust the wire ends to a place where they are not visible and where they don’t irritate the skin. Once you adjust the ends, you can use a nail file to file off any sharp edges and blemishes.

And it’s done!


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