Vintage Turquoise Earring

Product Details

What you need


Natural Turquoise Bead

Cats Eye Bead

Crystal Bead


Earring Hook


Nylon Wire


Side Cutting Plier


Round Nose Plier


Step1: Assemble beads with the Connector

Part 1: Prepare 20 cm long Nylon wire and string Round Natural Turquoise Beads* 5 and then pass both tips together through Cats Eye Bead*1.

Part 2: Lead the left and right tip respectively through two Round Natural Turquoise Beads of both sides.

Part 3: Cross two tips through Round Natural Turquoise Beads*1.

Part 4: Take the Connector and find a hole around the outer circle; then thread the wire tips through front side to back side; pull the tips to the opposite hole and thread both tips back to the front side again and cross through the Round Natural Turquoise Beads*1. Tie knots at back side.

Here, main part of your fashion vintage jewelry has been produced.

Step2: Make the dangling parts

String Crystal Bead*1 with proper length eyepins; and make a Wrapped Triangle Bail with drop-shape Natural Turquoise Bead by using one longer eyepin.

Step3: Group fashion vintage jewelry

Group the above branches and you have just made a pair of vintage earrings!


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