Vintage Crystal Necklace

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Sweet necklaces are always popular among young ladies and girls. Do you want to make an original necklace for yourself or friends? Let's start now.

Materials: grey crystal beads, brooch, decorative pendant, blue teardrop beads, rhinestone chains, metal chain, jump ring, crimp beads, lobster clasp and pliers.

At first, we need to fix the decorative pendant to the brooch. As you can see as the following picture:

Depending on what your pin like, decide how to attach your pendant to the back of it.

Glue the pendant to the back of the pin.

Add jump ring to the sides of pin and then add a piece of chain to the jump ring.

Add the blue teardrop to the head pin and create a loop at the top of the bead.

Add this bead to link the twist oval  chain.

Repeat the same step with the several different colored beads, adding them to both sides of the chain. Each side of the chain has four beads.


Now, we are going to add the rhinestone chains to the end cap.(Each end of the rhinestone chain should be added to the end cap.

After finish adding the end caps to the rhinestone, we have to add jump ring through each loop of the end cap.

When you have done the mentioned above, add two rhinestone chains to the twist oval chains-in the last link.

Cut a length of beading wire, then add the small bead, large beads to both sides of beading wire.

connect bead strand with rhinestone chain together. 

And then link another jump ring and load the lobster clasp.

That's all. Isn't pretty? I love it. I hope you will like it too! :  )


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