Vineyard Harvest Bracelet Project

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1) Take one length of cording and thread on one crimp tube as well as threading through one hole on the circle half of the toggle clasp. Take the wire around and back through the crimp tube. Pull so that the crimp tube cinches up to the loop on the toggle clasp half (make sure to leave some wiggle room!). Crimp the tube closed and then repeat this same step to attach the other length of wire to the other loop on the circle half of the toggle clasp.

2) Thread two 3mm beads onto each length of wire and then thread on one end cap, an African opal bead and another end cap.

3) Separate the two lengths of wire again and thread a 3mm bead, a pearl and another 3mm bead onto each length. Repeat step #2, then #3. Repeat these two steps until the last end cap has been threaded on.
4) Separate the two wires again and then thread a 3mm bead, a pearl and three more 3mm beads onto each wire. With one wire, thread on a crimp tube and then thread through one of the loops on the bar half of the toggle clasp. Bring the wire around and back through the crimp bead. Pull tight to cinch the crimp tube, but DO NOT crimp the tube yet. Thread the last crimp tube onto the other wire and attach the same way. Now hold onto both wire tails and hold the bracelet vertical. Pull each wire so that the slack is removed from the bracelet, but you can still bend the bracelet to wear it. When this position is found, you can then crimp each of the tubes shut. Make sure to cut away each of the wire tails. Done!

Quantity of Items Needed
2 10" lengths of Beadalon Wire .018" 30ft Bronze 49 Strand
4 Crimp Tubes 2mm Gold Plated
24 Round Beads 3mm Gold Plated
1 Heirloom Toggle Clasp 18x15mm Pewter Antique Gold Plated
8 End Cap Scroll 14x9mm Pewter Anituqe Gold Plated
4 Fossil Coral Beads 18x25mm
8 Potato Pearl Vanadite 5-6mm

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