Using Liquid Glazes

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Step 1

You will need an image, a pendant, a corresponding paper punch or scissors, glue and a paint brush.

Step 2

You will then need to choose your dimensional glaze. Read through the instructions carefully to see which finish you would prefer.

Step 3

Choose your image. Punch out the image with the corresponding paper punch.

Step 4

Paint a thin layer of glue into the back of the bezel pendant.

Step 5

Place the image carefully into the bezel pendant. Press the image down into the pendant.

Step 6

Let the glue dry completely (this should take 5 minutes). Choose your finish.

Option 1 - Diamond Glaze

Diamond Glaze will pour milky and dry clear. It is thin and easy to work with. This glaze works best with shallow bezel pendants.

Option 2 - Glossy Accents

Glossy Accents will pour milky and dry clear. It is much thicker than Diamond Glaze. It works well in deeper bezel pendants.

Option 3 - Crackle Accents

Crackle Accents will pour milky and dry clear. When dried it will crackle which will add a more antiqued appearance to your pendant. If you pour it in thick the cracks will be deeper and more consistant. If you pour it in thin the cracks will be more irregular and asymmetrical.

Step 7

Before filing your bezel pendant, use a scrap of paper to pour out a little of the dimensional glaze in order to remove trapped air bubbles.

Step 8

Carefully fill the bezel pendant with dimensional glaze. Completely cover the image in the pendant going all the way to the edge of the pendant. Do not over fill the bezel pendant with glaze.

Step 9

Tilt the bezel pendant to ensure the entire image surface is covered with dimensional adhesive.

Step 10

Check for air bubbles. Remove bubbles with a pin.

Step 11

Set the bezel pendant aside on a level surface to dry. This could take up to twelve hours. The dimensional adhesive will be shiny and clear once it is completely dry.

Step 12

Congratulations! You have a made a beautiful personalized bezel pendant using a dimensional adhesive.

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