Tying Pipa Knot

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Tutorial on how to tie Pipa Knot:

Step 1: Start to make.

1st, you should make a button knot;

2nd, make a loop with one strand;

3rd, wrap the strand around the strands for a circle under the button knot;

4th, grasp the strand with the left part of the loop;

Step 2:Continue wrapping the loop like in step 1 until you get enough loops as the pictures shows below. 

Step 3:Pass the strand through the loop to the back.

Step 4: Tie an overhand knot.

Step 5: Cut off the extra strand.

 Therefore, pipa knot is born,  have you learned it? Pipa knot is a decorative knot,  you can make a small one as a earring dangle, or make a big one for wall decoration as you like.


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