Two-Tone Diamond Earrings

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For one pair of earrings, you will need:

56 dark colour (pink) enamelled copper jump rings, id 3.2mm, 0.81mm wire (A)

72 contrast colour (light pink) enamelled copper jump rings, id 3.2mm, 0.81mm wire (B)

1 x pair of pink niobium earwires

one eyepin or 5cm piece of wire

tools: two pairs of chain nose or flat nose pliers


Increasing: The first and last rings are always woven through one ring.

Decreasing: Every ring must go through two rings.

After step 2, it is easier to turn your work sideways when adding rings.

1. Row 1 & 2: Link the eyepin and two closed jump rings (A) onto one open jump ring (A). Close the jump ring. Place your linked jump rings onto your work surface as shown.

2. Row 3: Link jump ring (B) through the two closed rings from step 1. Add one ring (A) to each end of the row, weaving through one ring only.

Link each jump ring whilst your work is laying flat. Once you have linked a ring, lift the ring with your pliers to close. Lay your work down and pat gently to reposition the rings. If your work does not lie properly, it is probably because a ring is incorrectly linked.

3. Row 4: Starting a new row, add one ring (A) through one edge ring from the previous row. The next ring (B) weaves through two rings. Repeat once with ring (B). Finish with one ring (A) through one edge ring.

4. Row 5: Ring (A) through one edge ring, 3 x ring (B) through two rings, ring (A) through one edge ring.

5. Continue to increase the number of rings in each row in the following way:

Row 6: One ring (A), 4 rings (B), one ring (A).

Row 7: One ring (A), 5 rings (B), one ring (A).

Row 8: One ring (A), 6 rings (B), one ring (A). This row is 8 rings across.

Always remember that the edge rings are ring (A) and they are woven through one ring only. The middle rings are ring (B), which are woven through two rings.

6. Row 9: You must now decrease the number of rings in each row – each ring must weave through two rings.

Row 10: One ring (A), 5 rings (B), one ring (A).

Row 11: One ring (A), 4 rings (B), one ring (A).

Row 12: One ring (A), 3 rings (B), one ring (A).

Row 13: One ring (A), 2 rings (B), one ring (A).

Row 14: One ring (A), 1 ring (B), one ring (A).

Row 15: Two rings (A).

Row 16: One ring (A). You have now completed your first diamond.

7. Remove the eyepin and attach one earwire.

8. Repeat steps 1-7 to complete the second earring.

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