Tubular Right Angle Weave Beading Stitch

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Step 1: Make a Right Angle Weave Strip

To begin tubular right angle weave, first make a strip of right angle weave as you normally would.

If you are using a dowel or pencil to hold your beadwork, check the fit of the strip by wrapping it around the dowel.  The ends should just touch - make sure that the strip is not too loose.


Step 2: Connect the Ends of the Right Angle Weave Strip

To connect the ends of the strip, pick up a bead and pass through the side bead (or wall bead, illustrated as a blue bead) of the very first unit you stitched.

Pick up a second bead and pass through the side bead of the very last unit you stitched.

Pull snugly. With the addition of this unit, your strip of right angle weave will form a ring.


Step 3: Adding the Beads for the Next Unit in Tubular Right Angle Weave

To begin a new row in tubular right angle weave, pick up three beads and pass through the bead you were exiting at the beginning of this step.  This will form the first unit of the row.

To get into position to continue stitching, pass needle through the next side bead (or wall bead), illustrated by the blue beads.


Step 4: Stitch the Row

Stitch the row in single needle right angle weave as you normally would.

Step 5: Finish the Row by Closing the Gap Between Units

When you reach the end of the row, there will be a unit that requires just one bead on the top (or ceiling) to complete it.

With your thread exiting one of the side (or wall) beads, pick up a bead and pass through the next side bead.

Pass through the remaining beads in the unit until you are exiting the top (ceiling) bead of the unit you just completed.  You are now in position and ready to begin the next row by adding a unit of beads as illustrated in Step 3.


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