Tubular Peyote Stitch

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1.String all of the beads for both Round 1 and Round 2, leaving a 6 inch tail of thread, making sure you have an even number of beads strung. Remember that each completion is called a "round", rather than a "row".

2.Holding the tail in your left hand (for righties), pass through the first bead strung to make a circle.

3.String the first bead for round 3, then pass through the next bead in line below from Row 2.

4.Continue in this manner until all of the rounds in your graph have been completed.

5.Finish by weaving any loose threads back into the piece.

6.If you are making an Amulet Bag out of your cylinder, stitch the bottom of the bag up (the beads will fit together like the teeth of a zipper), then add a strap and some fringe, as you like.


1.When starting the first round of this stitch, remember that in your pattern, the first bead strung will be a Round 2 bead.

2.When you finish a round and are ready to move up to the next level, don't forget to pass through the last bead of the round you are ending and then add your first bead for the next round.

3.Use a paper tube (from bathroom tissue or paper towels) as a work holder for this stitch. Just cut it up the middle and re-size it to fit inside your circle of beads. It makes this stitch easier to work on.

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