Tubular Herringbone

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Materials Needed:

Seed beads

Beading Thread



1) Create a bead ladder with an even number of beads, at least six beads across.

2) Sew the ladder into a ring by stitching up through the first bead and back down through the last bead. Pull tight. Stitch through the first bead again, then through the second to secure the ring.

3) Pick up two beads, and sew down through the next bead in the ring. Stitch up through the following bead and pull tight.

4) Continue adding two beads at a time around the ring, using herringbone stitch.

5) At the end of the round, step-up through the ladder and first bead added in the round and pull tight. You may wish to steady your work with a pencil or dowel until the tube begins to take shape.


6) Continue adding rounds of herringbone stitch, stepping up through two beads at the end of each round.


7) When the bead work is the desired length, finish the final round by stepping-up into the second-to-last bead. Stitch down through the third bead, and up through the fourth, pulling tight with each pass. Continue zipping up the tube until each bead stack is secure.

Adding and ending thread:

When the working thread is approximately 4 inches long, finish a round and step-up to begin the next round. Do not pick up any beads. Stitch down into the adjacent stack of beads and exit after 4 to 6 beads. Do not secure the tail until your new thread has been added (this will help to keep your place in the beadwork).

Secure a stop-bead to your new thread, and stitch up into the appropriate stack of beads, at least 3 beads down. Exit at the top of the bead work and continue stitching normally.

Variation Ideas:

Gradually increase and decrease the bead sizes for an undulating effect.

Experiment with different patterns within the bead stacks, or use blocks of color for random amounts of rows.

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