Trio Bracelet Project

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1) Cut the leather cording down to six 6-1/4" lengths or longer depending upon the size bracelet you want to make. Take one of the end caps and squeeze a couple of drops of glue into the end, making sure to get the glue all around the inside of the end cap. Place the ends of the six lengths of leather cording into the glued end cap and allow to cure for at least 30mins before picking up to continue working.

2) Cut the 1' wire in half. Measure about 1-7/8" up from the base of the end cap (where the cording comes out) and compress the cording with your fingers on your non-dominant hand. Place the end of the wire so that 1/4" of the wire is under your index finger on your non-dominant hand. Keep the wire parallel to the rest of the cording and begin to wrap the wire around all of the cording. Wrap about four times to secure, and then cut off the 1/4" wire with your side cutters where the coil starts. Cut the wire off on the other end of the coil as well, and then take your chain nose pliers and bend the coil ends slightly into the cording/coil combo just so that the ends won't get caught on your clothing or irritate your skin as you wear the bracelet.

3) Thread on all of the twisted beads onto the cording in this order; gunmetal, antique brass, silver. After all beads are threaded on, slide them all the way to the coil on the cording. Now measure 3/8" up the cording from the last bead threaded on and make another coil with the wire the same way that you did on the other side of the bracelet. (make sure to tuck the ends of the coil in!)

4) Take the remaining end cap and fill this with a few drops of glue and then fit the ends of the six lengths of leather cording into this end cap. Allow it to sit for at least 30mins to cure (make sure that the loop on the end of this end cap faces the same direction as the other end cap on the other side of the bracelet)

5) Open the two jump rings with your Chain and Round Nose pliers. Fit a jump ring onto each of the loops on the end caps and use this to then attach one half of the hook and eye clasp to each half of the bracelet. Make sure both jump rings are closed completely and you're done.

Quantity of Items Needed
37-1/2" Leather Cord 1mm Dark Brown
1" Red Brass Wire 22ga Round
5 Twisted Spacer Beads 8mm Pewter Antique Silver Plated
5 Twisted Spacer Beads 8mm Pewter Antique Brass Plated
5 Twisted Spacer Beads 8mm Pewter Antique Gunmetal Plated
2 End Caps 4mm Gold Plated
1 Hook and Eye Clasp 25x7mm Gold Color
2 Jump Rings 4mm Gold Plated

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