Topaz Teardrop Necklace

Product Details


1 Pkg. 4mm Topaz Crystals

2 Pkgs. 6mm Topaz Crystals

2 Pkgs. 4mm Crème Glass Pearl

1 Pkg. Topaz Faceted Drops

2 Pkgs. G/P 4mm Bali Heishi

1 Pkg. of G/P Small Rope Toggle

1 Pkg. of G/P Small Tube Crimps

1 Spool of Gold Beadalon


Step 1:  Cut a 20" piece of Beadalon. String Beadalon through one crimp bead, loop through toggle part of clasp, then back through the crimp bead. Using a crimp tool, crush the crimp bead and trim the end.

Step 2:  String the following beads:  

Three 4mm Crystals, 1 Pearl - Repeat 6 times  

Heishi, 6mm Crystal - Repeat 9 times ending with a Heishi  

Pearl, Heishi, Pearl, Drop - Repeat 5 times leaving out the last Drop  

Heishi, Crystal - Repeat 9 times ending with a Heishi  

Pearl, Three 4mm Crystals - Repeat 6 times ending with a crimp bead.

Step 3:  Loop through the round part of clasp, back through the crimp bead, crush crimp and trim end.  Finished length is approximately 18 inches.  Enjoy!

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