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Veteran journalist Deborah Norville, the anchor of the Inside Edition, shows how to incorporate the very the latest jewelry trends into one's wardrobe without spending a fortune.

Discover how much fun it is to accessorize with the very latest jewelry trends. Here are mix-and-match pieces guaranteed to draw rave reviews, along with "insider" style tips from the always-fashionable Deborah Norville.

1. Bold Gemstones:

Dress the part with gemstone jewels. Deborah loves pairing big quartz and natural diamond drop earrings with a stack of moonstone slice bracelets. The look is modern and edgy. Deborah's personal style tips: wear with a black tee shirt, jeans and boots for a "rocker chick look."

2. Ladylike Leather

Leather and gemstones are a unique combination. "So pretty, so elegant but not at all fussy," exclaims Norville. Deborah favors the well-priced leather bracelets adorned with rubies and sapphires. Deborah's personal style tips: wear these bracelets alone or pile on three or four at a time. Either way, they are "the hottest items style-wise right now." Finish the look by adding a multi-strand leather collar necklace with a stunning magnetic clasp. Show off the clasp by wearing it off to the side with one's hair up and silver hoop earrings or with the clasp front and center.

3. Timeless Elegance

The appeal of a diamond circle pendant never goes out of style. It's the perfect graduation or special occasion gift. Deborah's personal style tips: Choose a delicate necklace with a circle of diamonds encased in classic yellow gold."This style really looks great on just about anyone," affirms Norville. "The look is truly ageless."

4. Bangles, Bangles and More Bangles

Bangle bracelets are the very essence of chic style. One looks amazing on its own; cluster in groups for a more dramatic look. The style options have never been greater or more beautiful: sterling silver bangles with sapphires, set of seven textured bangles; sterling silver herringbone styles; square-edged bangles. Deborah's personal style tips: combine different thicknesses and textures of bangle bracelets for a rich look that won't break one's budget.

5. Mixed Metals

Wearing different types of gold and silver bracelets together is a fun fashion-forward trend. "Don't be afraid to mix metals," advises Norville. "It's absolutely foolish not to mix the color of your jewelry." Cluster bangles in white gold,yellow goldrose goldsterling silver and vermeil. The effect is simply gorgeous. Deborah's personal style tips: Mix finishes as well as metals; shiny hammered textures pair beautifully with soft matte finishes.

6. Dazzling Diamonds

Who doesn't love the magic of diamonds? Classic hoop earrings sparkle when enhanced with cluster of diamonds; choose in-and-out hoop earrings in a slender design or opt for a wider, more substantial size. Go the solitary route with a dramatic single stone cocktail ring. Consider a white topaz and black sapphire panther ring, a morganite and diamond ring or a huge 3.30 carat cubic zirconia "engagement" ring. Deborah's personal style tips: Hinged earring clasps are so easy put on and take off – – perfect for the gal on the go. Deborah finds the cocktail ring to be a versatile fashion accessory. "Buy yourself a ring that looks like an engagement ring if you don't want to be bothered at a bar or party. It works every time."

7. Layer Upon Layer

Add impact by layering strands pearls, doubling up long station necklaces or stacking thin gold rings to create a wide band effect. Deborah's personal style tips: "Why wear one necklace when you can wear four?" asks Deborah. Keep in mind that contrasting colors make an outfit "pop." Mix strands of black pearls with strands of gray pearls; choose freshwater pearl and amethyst earrings for a beautiful pairing of colors. These unexpected combinations are the mark of true style.

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