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Tiger's Eye: a beautiful golden glow

It's almost impossible to resist gazing at tiger's eye — the golden-brown gemstone that resembles the eye of a magnificent tiger. What makes tiger's eye even more intriguing is the stunning play of light and dark bands that flash across the stone's surface.
Tiger's eye was rediscovered in South Africa in the early 1800s. Tiger's eye is actually quartz embedded with crocidolite fibers. These fibers display a phenomenon called chatoyancy — thin parallel bands of light that give the appearance of a cat's eye.
In ancient times, tiger's eye was believed to be all seeing, probably due to its uncanny resemblance to an eye. Roman soldiers would wear this golden gemstone, carved with lions and hawks, to promote courage and provide protection during battles. Today, some believe that tiger's eye can help calm the mind and help one see clearly.
Tiger's eye jewelry is most popular in tones of golden brown, but also comes in shades of reddish brown and blue-green.
Throughout history, tiger's eye has enthralled jewelry lovers all over the world.
TIGER'S EYE: Golden bands ripple across the surface of tiger's eye creating a magical dance of light. Thought to be a calming stone, tiger's eye adds a warm, mesmerizing glow to rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. More about colored gemstones.
The largest deposits of tiger's eye are found in South Africa. The gemstone is also mined in Australia, Canada, India, Namibia, Burma and the United States.
Tiger's Eye Jewelry Care & Handling
Not only is tiger's eye affordable, it is also extremely durable. With a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, is it often heated with a permanent treatment that precludes any extra care. As with all gems, protect tiger's eye jewelry from scratches, sharp blows and temperature extremes. Store your tiger's eye jewelry in your box when not in use.

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