Textured Hoop Earring

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You'll need:

12 Gauge Bronze Wire

22 Gauge Sterling wire.


Step 1: Wrap the wire around something about the right size and cut.  When making hoops its good to make several pair at a time so they match in case you lose one!  And its more efficient  to do several pair at this point.

Step 2: Hammer both ends of the heavy wire so you can punch a hole on each side.  Bend one end up to "catch" the end of the ear hoop.

Step 3: Drilling a hole in wire using hole punch pliers.

Step 4: Using the ball peen end of a Chasing Hammer on a Bench Block; hammer out the hoop. This is a great place to add additional texture or even change the planes of the flattened areas.  

Step 5: Cut a piece of the 22 Gauge Sterling wire about 2" or 5 centimeters.  Make a loop in one end and bend back with your thumbnail.  See photo below for how it should look.

Step 6: Use your fingers to make a large bend in it and pliers to bend up the end.

Step 7: Attach through the hole and adjust to fit, then tap the ear wire repeatedly on your block with your chasing hammer to "work harden" the wire.  Usually about 20 times.  This is "tapping" and shouldn't flatten the wire.

Step 8: Use a Wire Rounder to smooth the end of the ear wire. This prevents scratching when you put them on.


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