Sweet Valentine's Day Wreath

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Do you want to DIY a gift for your girfriends or boyfriends on Valentine’s Day? 

How about a sweet wreath for him/her? They will be happy to get such a present.

Look at the following pictures, the color of this wreath is not bright. But you just want to be romantic and you will love this wreath. It is full of pink and white sentiment in this holiday- Valentine's Day.

Materials needed:

Plastic wreath form, jute, embrodiery floss, pearl stick pins and hot glue.

Step 1: start by wrapping for your wreath with your jute. Glue the end down and then just wrap.

Continue wraping and wraping.

Step 2: make up the felt rosettes. You can make two pieces of felt rose rosettes and then layered three felt rosettes with with 3 folded ruffle flowers. 

Step 3: arrange the flowers along the lower left side of the wreath form.

           Add the pearls through the rose flowers with glue or someting can stick them.

Step 4: cut out 6 sections from the felt. Write out the letters and heart shape.

Step 5:embroider the letters and heart with a backstich on 6 sections felt.

Step 6: glue the lace to 6 sections of felt.

Glue the little pieces of felt to thin lace and tie bows on each end.

Add the felt that has decorated to the top side of wreath, a little to the right side.

You can also add some pink and white pearl to the wreath for decoration.

And that's all. It is so easy, right? What do you think? So sweet and lovely!

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