Sweater Chain Necklace

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Winter is coming soon. Do you want a beautiful sweater chain necklace to go with your blouse or your overcoat? If you want to have your own DIY sweater chain necklace, today’s project will teach you how to make it. This is a pretty combination of the chiffon flowers and the double link chain.

Material: double link chain, connector, lobster clasp, chiffon flowers, wool cord, needlework, rhinestone, glue and felt.

First of all, combine the connector and the double link chain.

Winding the chain with wool cord until the end of the necklace. Both sides of the chain should be winded. As the following shown:

Fixed the wool cord to the middle of the double link chains and then reinforced with glue. 

The next step is fixing the chiffon flowers to the necklace one by one. The best ways is stick by glue on felt.

Wait until the chiffon flowers dry, you can try it on. It is so beautiful and you will be happy to make this unique necklace for yourself.

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