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Style Tips from Fashion Stylist Phillip Bloch

A blue chalcedony and cultured pearl necklace has a vintage, light, elegant, and ethereal look. Wear it with a chiffon floral dress or silver satin or gray evening dress.

For a Beyonce look, put two hoop earrings together. Don't be afraid to mix silver and gold.

A bold jewelry choice can changes with your outfit. During the day, big quartz earrings make a simple white t-shirt look elegant. By evening, the earrings pop even more with a black dress or gray cashmere top.

4 Ways to Wear A Tassel Necklace: Wear it long and easy in the front. Wear it as a choker with the tassel in the back. This look is great to show off with a low back top. Show off the tassel necklace as a belt with the tassel on the side. Or wrap the tassel necklace as a bracelet. Talk about a versatile jewelry piece! When you wear the tassel necklace as a bracelet or belt, add a multi-strand pearl necklace.

For a high impact look stack sterling silver bangles and wear a big cocktail ring. You don't need a cocktail party to wear a cocktail ring. This look could work for the office or evening. Your friends will ask "Where did you get that?"

Don't feel like always wearing you engagement and wedding ring on your finger? Add the ring to a beaded necklace for a fun look.

A pearl and gemstone bracelet paired with multi-strand pearl necklace has a Liz Taylor look.

A lion knocker bracelet look says, "I'm cool & I'm hip". Animal jewelry has become very popular.

It's 5 o'clock somewhere! Wear a chunky baroque pearl necklace paired with a free form baroque pearl ring.

Tips on Fashion And Accessorizing with Deborah Norville

For a rocker chick look, add big gemstone drop earrings and a stack of gemstone bracelets to a black t-shirt, jeans and black biker boots for a rocker chick look.

Gemstone leather bracelets look great on their own or pile them on. Finish the elegant leather look off with a leather collar necklace.

Sometimes a necklace clasp is too cool to hide in the back. Show the clasp off by wearing it in the front. Wearing the clasp on the side with your hair up is a nice way to show off some big hoops.

A diamond circle pendant in yellow gold is a luxurious, ageless look that looks great on everyone.

Stack the Bangles for a Rich Trendy Look. A gemstone bangle bracelet looks amazing on its own or add it to the pile. Combine different thicknesses and textures of bangle bracelets for a rich look without breaking your budget.

Don't Be Afraid to Mix Metals. Wear white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, sterling silver and vermeil bracelets together for a gorgeous look.

Hinged earring clasps make it easy to put on and take off your earrings.

Cocktail Rings = Night on the Town Look. Mix big cocktail rings for a fun look. Anything goes.

Ward Off Men at the Bar with CZ Ring. Buy yourself a ring that looks like an engagement ring if you don't want to be bothered at the bar. Dance the night away.

A long station necklace is so versatile. Wear it casual or dress-up. This long necklace can be doubled to look like 2 necklaces.

Silver and Gold Do Go Together. Mix a stack of sterling silver bracelets with yellow gold rings.

Pile on the Pearl Necklaces. Layer black and gray pearl necklaces. The gray pearls really pop against the black pearl necklaces. Mix baroque and round pearls too. Why wear one when you can wear four? Don't forget the matching baroque pearl earrings with amethysts.

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