Straight Leg Fringe

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Step 1: To get into position, weave needle and thread so that you are exiting the bottom edge of your beadwork. If your thread is not long enough, add a new thread in the body of the beadwork and weave down so you are exiting the bottom edge of the beadwork.

For this example, I am working straight leg fringe of graduated lengths. To start, pick up five beads plus one for a total of six beads. Skip the last bead and pass needle through all the remaining beads.


Step 2: Secure the Fringe

To secure the first strand of fringe, pass needle up through the bead you originally exited in Step 1.


Step 3: Get Into Position for the Next Strand of Fringe

Pass needle and thread down through the next bead in the bottom edge of the beadwork. You are now ready to pick up the beads for the next strand of fringe.


Step 4: Ideas and Tips for Straight Leg Fringe

Straight leg fringe doesn\'t have to be boring. To achieve the graduated look in the picture, increase the number of beads picked up for each strand by two until you reach the center of the beadwork. For the second half of the fringe, decrease the number of beads picked up by two.

•Add a bugle bead or tube bead at the end of each fringe for a little bit of sparkle.

•Crystals and gemstone beads will add a little bit of weight at the end of each leg of fringe and will make the fringe hang a little differently than using all seed beads.

•Hang a small charm at the end of each strand of fringe. You can use small, pointed metal drops, glass drop beads, or Milagros charms.


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