Steel Necklace

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1) Take the 25" length of wire and thread on one crimp tube bead and the sterling silver connector. Take the wire around and back through the crimp tube bead and pull so that the crimp tube bead cinches up fairly close to the connector (leave a little room for movement). Crimp the crimp tube closed with your Crimping Pliers and remove any excess wire tails with your Side Cutters.

2) Use the first indent in your Crimping Pliers to close a Crimp Cover Bead around the crimped tube.

3) Start your beadwork.
1 Hematite Tube
1 Silver Spacer
1 Onyx Bead
1 Silver Spacer
**repeat 29 more times, end with threading on the last Silver Spacer, followed by the last Hematite Bead.

To Finish.
4) Thread on the last Crimp Tube and the Lobster Clasp. Take the wire around and back through the Crimp Tube. Pull tight so that the Crimp Tube cinches up to the Connector loop on the clasp, but not so tight that the clasp doesn't have any movement. When the Crimp Tube is positioned correctly and all of the slack has been removed from the necklace, Crimp the tube closed with your Crimping Pliers. Cut away the excess wire away with your Side Cutters.

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