Star Ring

Product Details

Material And Tools:

1.Gold polymer clay and polymer clay tools (rollers, polishing sponge, spatula)

2.A circle and a star-shaped cookie cutter, both approximately the same size (maybe cookie cutter)


4.Pad Ring Base

5.Craft glue



1. Roll out the polymer clay to about 0.2 in (5 mm) thickness and cut out a round circle.

2. In the center now cut out the star shape. Carefully detach both forms with a spatula from the work surface, press possible deformations (especially in the circle) to the right outline and bake as recommended.

3. Draw the star shape on the left of the leather and cut it out with 0.1 inches (3 millimeters) addition.

4. Put some glue on the baked and polished polymer clay star and stick it at the center of the leather star.

5. Press the star leather from the bottom up through the ring. Finally cut away the remaining leather parts.

6. Seal the star with some glue from the bottom, just let it dry, then attach the ring base in the center. DONE!


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