Spring Magnetic Bracelet Project

Product Details

Quantity of Items Needed

5 Spiral Tube with Rings 23x1mm Sterling Silver (A)
8 Jump Ring - Open 3mm Silver Plated (B)
2 Jump Ring Round Open 4mm Sterling Silver (C)
1 Magnetic Clasp 6mm Sterling Silver (D)
4 Swarovski Round Channel 8mm Peridot Sterling Plated (E)


1) Using two pliers, open the two C. Attach one to either end of D. Before closing, attach one A to each of the jump rings. Close the two C.

2) Open all eight of B (using two pliers )

3) Beginning with either attached A, start the pattern of attaching either a E or A to one another with B as the connector.

To Finish. 
4) Connect to the final A that is attached to D.

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