Spring Garden Earring

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Appx. 10” of 18 gauge round wire

Appx. 72” of 24-26 gauge round wire

Pair of earwires

Six 6mm round amazonite beads

Eight 4mm round amazonite beads

Ten 4x7mm flat peridot beads

Six 4mm faceted round yellow jade beads

Eight 4-5mm freshwater pearls


Round and chain nose pliers

Flush cutter

1¼” mandrel

Step 1: Hint: Work from the spool the conserve wire. With round nose pliers, make on the end of the wire.

Step 2: Hold the eye on the mandrel and wind the wire all the way around.

Step 3: Use the tip of the chain nose pliers, bend the eye at a 90 degree angle to the mandrel, creating a short “neck.”

Step 4: Pull the other end of the wire around the neck of the eye, making two complete wraps. Trim the wire off.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 1-4 for the other earring, but wrap the wire in Step 4 in the opposite direction. Set aside. 


Step 6: Using the photo as a guide, thread the beads on the 24-26 gauge wire. Hint: Work from the spool to conserve wire.

Step 7: Starting 6” from the end of the wire, bring the first bead up and make two twists to hold it in place.

Step 8: Bring the next bead up to within ½” of the first bead. Hint: Your fingertip is about ½” in width. Secure this bead with two twists. Continue in this manner until all the beads are in place. Cut a 6” wire tail. Be careful when twisting the wire around the peridot beads. They are very fragile and can break easily.

Step 9: Twist all the beads more tightly, leaving about 1/8” between the twists.

Step 10: Determine which end you will start with. This must be the same for both earrings. Bend the first five beads toward the first one. Press the rest of the beads toward the other end of the strand. Repeat for the other bead strand.

Step 11: Curve the unit to fit the inside of one of the earring bases. Adjust the bead placement. Repeat with the other bead strand. Try to make mirror images in bead placement.

Step 12: Wind the 6” wire tail four times around the earring base. Pull the bead unit up and wrap a section of it to the earring base. Wrap the base a few more times until you reach the wire wrapped loop. Wrap the bead unit to the frame at that point.

Step 13: Wrap the bead unit to the frame on the other side of the wire wrapped loop. Wrap the wire around the frame several times. Then wrap the bead unit to the frame.

Step 14: Bend the bead unit to curve inside the frame. Wrap the last 5 beads to the frame unit in the same manner as Step 12.

Step 15: Wrap the wire tails around a bead stem. Trim off the excess wire. The front and back side of one unit are shown below.

Step 16: Attach earwires.


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