Spots and Dots Necklace Project

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1) Cut the wire length down into one 10" length and two 2" lengths.

2) Make a wrapped loop on one end of the 10" length - make sure that the loop will be large enough to accommodate the 2mm leather cording. Thread on only one antique brass rondelle.

3) Thread on one organic barrel bead, an antique brass rondelle, a czech glass donut and another antique brass rondelle. Repeat this three more times and then thread on the last organic barrel bead and then the last antique brass rondelle. Make another wrapped loop with the remaining wire and snip away the excess.

3) Cut the length of leather cording in half. Take one half and thread this through one of the wrapped loop and then fold this length of leather cording in half. Thread one of the closed jump rings onto both half of this leather cording. Bend the end of the leather cording in half at the 5-1/2" mark, making sure that the closed jump ring is in the "loop" created by bending the leather cord ends over on themselves. Pick up one of the 2" lengths of wire and wrap it around the whole set of wires (see the second picture above to see detail of this). Wrap around about four times and then snip the ends off and either tuck in the tail ends or cut it so that the wire ends won't irritate your neck as you're wearing this.

4) Repeat step #3 for the other half of the necklace with the other closed jump ring, leather cording half and 2" length of wire.

5) Open up the four jump rings and use two on each end of the necklace to attach the hook and eye clasp to each of the closed jump rings. Make sure that the jump rings are closed securely and done!

Quantity of Items Needed
5 Organic Laminated Barrel Bead Sorghum Seed 35x24mm
10 Roundel Bead 4x3mm Brass Matte Finish
4 Czech Fire Polished Donut 6x9mm Ruby
14" Artistic Wire Spools 20ga (15-Yd) Gun Metal
28" Leather Cord 2mm Copper
2 Jump Ring - Closed 5.6mm Antique Brass Plated
4 Jump Ring - Open 6mm Antique Brass Plated
1 Hook & Eye Clasp 25x11mm Base Metal Antique Brass Plated

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