Spiderweb Bracelet

Product Details


•Bracelet base of your choice.

•Floral/decorative gems with a flat base.

•Halloween stickers

•Mod Podge and paintbrush


1. Stuck the stickers to a piece of paper first. And make sure you don’t have extra paper hanging over the edges when you match it up for fit.

2. Use your paintbrush to spread a thin layer of mod podge on the backs of your gems.  Stick the designs on, making sure you place them so that the design will show through the top.  Then, add another coat of Mod Podge.  Let it dry.

3. Once all my gems were clear and dry, I used a thin coat of E6000 on the backs of them.  Try to get all the way to the egdes – just don’t over-do it, because you don’t want it squishing out over the edges.  Then just place the gems onto the blanks of your bracelet.  While these are a good fit size-wise, of course it’s not exact.  I just tried to get them as centered as possible.

4. Now leave it to cure.


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