Sparkling Ring

Product Details


1 Silver Plated Large Diamond Filigree Ring Base

1 Pkg. Silver Plated Large Heart Filigree Bead Caps

1 Pkg. Fuchsia Swarovski Bicone Crystals, 3mm

1 Pkg. Olivine Swarovski Bicone Crystals, 4mm

1 Pkg. Light Topaz Helix Twisted Rounds

1 Pkg. Silver Plated Wire, 22 gauge

Tools you will need:

Flat Chain Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Side Cutters

Bail Making Pliers


Step 1. Cut a piece of Wire measuring approximately 8 inches in length using Side Cutters. Thread one end of the Wire through a petal on the Bead Cap and then through the Helix. Pull the Wire so that it is an even length on both sides. Slide the other end of the Wire through another petal on the Bead Cap. Make sure you pull the Wire taut, then center the grouping on the Filigree Ring Base.

Step 2. Slide each end of the Wire through the center holes on the Ring Form and pull the Wire very taut again. Slide the Wire back up through the same holes and wrap the remaining around the Bead Cap.

Step 3. Cut another piece of Wire measuring approximately 8 inches. Make one full wrap around the Bead Cap. Thread one Olivine Crystal, one Fuchsia Crystal, one Olivine Crystal and three more Fuchsia Crystals. Position the Olivine Crystals to frame the top and bottom of the Bead Cap. Let the Fuchsia Crystals float on the sides. Wrap any remaining Wire around the cluster or trim any excess with Side Cutters. For precision placement of the Crystals, pinch the Wire with Round Tip Pliers.

Step 4. Before forming the ring shape, rub the filigree between your hands to warm it up a bit.  Use the large barrel on the Bail Making Pliers to gently bend one side of the filigree to the desired shape, then repeat on the opposite side.  Place the ring on your finger and adjust to fit with your fingers or Flat Nose Pliers.

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