Sparkling Color Wrap Bracelet Project

Product Details

1) Fold the leather in half and then begin to wrap the end of the waxed cotton cord around the two cording halves about 1" from the top of the loop (to wrap the cotton cord, hold the very end of the tail against the two leather cord halves and wrap the cotton cord around the tail and leather cording about 3-4 times to secure.

2) Hold the end of the crystal cupchain up to the leather cording halves and begin to wrap the cotton cording twice around the spaces inbetween the set stones.

3) After securing the length of cupchain to the leather cording, wrap the cotton cording about 3-4 times around the leather cording again and then make an overhand knot with both the leather cording and the remaining cotton cording. Thread the button onto one of the leather cords and then make another overhand knot (leave some space on either side of the button shank for movement). Trim off the excess leather cording and cotton cording ends - Done!

Quantity of Items Needed
14" Swarovski Cupchain 4mm Rose Peach Sterling Silver Plated
74" Waxed Cotton Cord 1mm Turquoise
52" Leather Cord 2mm Black
1 Tree of Life Button 15.5mm Pewter Antique Brass Plated

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