Snowman Beaded Earrings

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Let's explore how to make snowman beaded earrings now.

Materials and tools: two 6mm and 8mm pearls, several red and green glass beads, two headpins about 3cm, two silver colored brass wires about 10cm, a pair of ear hooks, pliers 

1. First, let's make the snowman's scarf. String about 10 glass beads onto the brass wire and bend it into ring.(Please notice that the number of glass beads should be adjusted to the size of pearls, or the scarf will not be suitable if it is too long or too short. )

2. Second, string two ends of the brass wire through the last bead, then strain the brass wire.

3. Third, put four glass beads on one end of the brass wire and bend the brass wire into a small hoop by plier.

4. Fourth, deal with the other end of the scarf in the same way.

5. Now let's make the body of the snowman. Put 8mm pearl on the headpin and saddle the scarf across it. Then put 6mm pearl and a glass bead in order. Last bend the left part of the headpin into a small hoop.

6. Hang the snowman on ear hook and one of the beautiful snowman beaded earrings is OK.

Make the other earring in the same way and wear them, it will bring you good mood!

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