Snow Crystals Bracelet Project

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1) Take the length of beading wire and thread on a Crimp Tube and one half of the Toggle Clasp. Take the wire around and back through the Crimp Tube. Pull so that the wire cinches up close enough to the loop on the Toggle clasp to still allow movement. Crimp the tube closed with your Crimping Pliers and cut the excess wire off.

2) Thread on two seed beads.

3) Thread on one Bead Cap, a Swarovski Pearl, another Bead Cap and a Quartz Bead. Repeat this step eight more times, and then complete the beading with the last two Bead Caps and Swarovski Pearl.

4) Thread on the last two seed beads, the last Crimp Tube and the other half of the Toggle Clasp. Take the wire around and back down through the Crimp Tube. Pull so that the Crimp Tube cinches up to the Toggle Clasp (still allowing movement) and then carefully crimip the tube shut. Make sure to put the majority of the Crimp Pliers' jaw between the Crimp Tube and the Toggle Clasp. You're less likely to damage your Seed beads this way. Cut the excess wire off with your Side Cutters.

5) Open the Jump Ring with your Chain Nose and Round Nose pliers, and slide the Snowflake Charm on. Now, slide the Jump Ring inbetween two beads on the bracelet. Close the Jump Ring securely.

Quantity of Items Needed
20 Filigree Bead Cap 10mm Base Metal Silver Plated
10" Length of Beadalon Wire .015" 30ft Bright Silver Color 19 Strand
1 Toggle Clasp 12mm Base Metal Silver Plated
1 Snowflake Charm 17x15.5mm Pewter Hand Painted
2 Crimp Tube 2x2mm Seamless Silver Plated
9 Quartz Crystal Beads 8mm
4 Miyuki Delica Seed Bead 11/0 Ceylon Silk AB
1 Jump Ring 6.5mm Silver Color
10 Swarovski Crystal Pearls 5810 10mm White

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