Single Needle Right Angle Weave (RAW)

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The trick to learning this stitch is to think \"figure 8\" - the thread moves among the beads in a figure 8 pattern.

To work the Right Angle Weave, you will need:

Beads, such as 11° or 15° seed beads (although other beads work well!)



Thread Conditioner

The process includes:

Making a base row

Starting a new row

Increasing Stitches

Decreasing Stitches    

Steps for the First Row:

1. Cut and optionally condition about 40\" of thread. Thread the needle and add four beads onto the thread.  


2. Loop the thread back through the first three beads, exiting the third bead to complete the first stitch.

\   \

3. Add three more beads to your thread.


4. Pass the thread back through the third bead of the first stitch.

Continue the thread through the first two added beads (beads 5 and 6) to exit the sixth bead.


5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have added one less than the desired number of stitches:

Pick up three beads. Pass the thread through the horizontal bead of the last stitch, then through the next two beads of the loop you just formed. Be sure the thread exits the horizontal bead at the end of each stitch.


6. End the row with the thread exiting the direction of the next row. This means the thread will pass through 1 or 3 of the beads added for the last stitch.

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