Simple Embroidery- Stitched Coffee Hoop

Product Details

Sharing an embroidery hoop project to share with couple for the Valentine's Day.

The "coffee" embroidery hoop art, it is so quick and easy and would look so perfect.

Let's make it together. Hope you will like it and have a try for it!

It would be sweet on your fabric and super easy to make it!

Here are the materials we need to prepare.

Embroidery hoop, fabric for hoop, fabric scarp for heart, contrasting embroidery thread, disappearing ink, fabric for wrapping hoop, felt for backing.

Making Details:

Start by printing your pattern. Using a disappearing ink marker, trace the letters and steam swirls on your fabric.

Stitch your letters by using a backstitch.

Continue until all your letters is stitched.

Using the pattern, cutting out the cup shape from the felt and cut out a small heart form the fabric as well.

Stitch your cup and heart in place on the hoop using the pattern as placement. Use a simple running stitch for both.

If you want, wrap the outer ring of your embroidery hoop in a coordinating fabric and glue down the ends.

This adds a little color for fun.

Place your fabric in the hoop and trim the edges around it.

Glue your fabric to the inside back of the hoop.

So perfect, so sweet, so cute, yeah? You will love it!

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