Sequins Earring

Product Details


- flat sequins (on a string or individually)

- 20 gold eye pins

- gold lobster clasp

- gold o-ring

- gold chain

- earring hooks


- chain nose pliers

- round nose pliers

1. If they’re on a string like ours, unstring ‘em! Then place a stack of clear ones on an eye pin. Each earring will require 4 eye pins, so 8 eye pins each.

2. We created a pattern that was half clear, half black. Keep placing those sequins on the eye pin.

3. We snipped our first eye pin at 1 1/8 inches long. You can always go bigger or shorter depending on your sense of style. Use round pliers to create another “eye” at the end. Loop your second eye pin through the eye you just created, cut to the same length, and curve into a loop again.

4. Repeat with the next two eye pins and attach to create a diamond. Use chain nose pliers to add earring hooks to the top eye pins and you’re done


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