Scalloped Horizontal Net

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1. Attach your thread to the back of the seam as close to the edge as possible. Pick up a bead and go through the fabric from back to front. Then bring your thread up through the bead so that it lies flat across the edge of the seam. Pick up six more beads and attach the sixth to the seam in the same manner. Leave a ¼ inch gap between the first bead you attached and this one. Continue adding groups of six beads along the entire edge. If the seam is continuous, connect the last section to the first by picking up 5 beads instead of six and going up through the anchor bead of the first group.

2. When you finish the row position your thread so that it's coming out of the center bead of one of the arcs in the previous row. If your edge is continuous, simply go through the fabric below the anchor bead your thread is coming out of and go up through the anchor bead and the next 3 beads in the arc. If your edge is not continuous, you will need to skip the anchor bead and go back through the last three beads you added. Once your thread is in position, pick up 5 beads and go through the center bead of the next arc. Do this twice more for a total of three new arcs. Instead of adding a fourth arc, go down through the side of the arc next to your thread, down through the anchor bead, through the fabric, up through the anchor bead, and up through the side of the next arc. Bring your thread out of the center bead. Continue adding groups of three arcs and skipping each fourth space to complete the row.

3. The third row is constructed the same way, except this time you only add two arcs atop the set of three you added in the last row. For the final row, add one arc of 4 beads between the two you added in the previous row.


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