Satin Rose Decorative Flower

Product Details

Let's have a look at the finished product!

Materials and tools: double-faced satin, lighter, pin and thread

Let’s make the beautiful flower together

1. Prepare 20 strands of double-faced satin ribbon with width 2.5cm and length 5cm and deal with the edge of these satin with lighter.

2. Fold the satin into the shape of triangle, and then fold the bottom again, have a look at the front side and the back, use the pin and thread to fix it.

3. Make 20 same ones like that. 

4. Stack up two pieces and roll them along one side like the following pictures. 


5.Then sew them (notice do not cut out the thread ).

6. Add the third piece and all other petals and sew it.  

7. Stagger the petals when sewing them.


8. We should sew again along the bottom after sewing all the petals. 

9. Finally sort out the petals and make it more beautiful.


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