Sachin + Babi Rorschach Necklace

Product Details

You’ll need:

•5″ x 7″ piece of faux leather vinyl

•Rorschach pattern (available here)

•8 feet of thin chain (cut into 19 5″ pieces)

•20-21 inches of thick chain

•21 4mm jump rings

•a black permanent marker

•double sided tape

•a leather rotary punch

•small sharp scissors

•2 pairs of pliers

1. Print the downloadable pattern. Feel free to scale the image before printing (we printed it in actual size for this tutorial). Carefully cut out the pattern with a pair of small sharp scissors. Cut out the inside shapes.

2. Tape the pattern to the backside of the vinyl leather using double sided tape. Make sure no tape is exposed. With a thick permanent marker, paint around the outside edges of the pattern. Work from the inside out for nice clean marks and fill in the inside shapes.

3. Let the markings dry and remove the paper from the vinyl to reveal a new pattern. Carefully cut out the pattern to create the pendant part of the necklace.

4. Using the smallest setting on the leather rotary tool, punch out 19 evenly distributed holes along the bottom of the pendant.

5. Punch two larger holes on the top, outermost parts of the pendant. Hook on 19 pieces of small chain to 19 open jump rings.

6. Using pliers, attach the pieces chain along the bottom holes of the pendant. Attach the long thicker chain to the top two holes.

Your Sachin + Babi inspired Rorschach necklace is finished!


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