Ruffles and Burlap Wreath

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Pink is meaning romantic and sweet. Here, look at the following pictures, there is a pretty great combination of a wreath and burlap.

You can give it to your lover as a gift on Valentine's Day. Do you want to have a try?

Here are the materials we need to prepare.

Straw wreath, fabric or ribbon, pearl head pin in different sizes, gingham ball trim, needle and thread.

Start by wrapping the burlap ribbon around the wreath.

Keep wrapping the wreath. Pin the ends on the back or you can glue it.

Measure around the wreath, then double that amount.

Cut four pieces of fabric, fold the pieces in half.

Then sew a running stitch along the top raw edge. Gather up the fabric rubbles, so they can fit it around the bottom of the wreath.

Wrap the ruffles around the bottom section of the wreath.

Pin in place. Cut a piece of fabric and long enough to wrap the center of wreath.

Fold the long sides in and wrap it around in the medium of the wreath.

Add some decorative pearl pins in different colors in the burlap.

Mix and match your pearl pins to scatte them around the wreath.

Add some gingham ball trims or something that looked great with your wreath.

Pin in place on the back.

Do you like this wreath? It's so amazing with pearl pins and gingahim ball trim.

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