Rubber Band Bracelet and Necklace

Product Details

What you will need:

•Rubber bands. Preferably some that are the same colour and size, or, a mix pack where it’s easy to sort out colours and sizes.

•Jump rings.

•Pliers for the jump rings.

Sort your rubber bands and lay them out in the design you want. Note that the smallest size have two rubber bands for one chain loop and the larger ones consists of  three or four rubber bands.

The thicker you want the necklace to be, the more bands you will need for each loop. I didn’t have that much rubber bands at home, but once I find some that I like I will make a thicker statement type of necklace.

Get another rubber band or something else to hold the first loop and start building your necklace!

Second loop.

A few loops later.

When your necklace is done, close the two ends with a jump ring.

Made the bracelet the same way I did the necklace. The only difference is that use the same size and same colour rubber bands for it.


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