Rose brooch

Product Details

  The materials and tools for making this rose brooch:

  •   Porcelain rose bead
  •   6mm white pearls
  •   4mm Pink seed beads
  •   Pin back
  •   Silver chains
  •   Eye pins
  •   Head pins
  •   Jump rings
  •   Round nose plier
  •   Chain nose plier
  •   Wire cutter

    Steps for beading jewelry designs:

  1. Connect rose on to safe pin
  2. Thread rose bead onto eye pin, hold the bead closely against the “eye”, and insert pin into one end of safe pin, looping tightly the rest part of eye pin around the end of safe pin;
  3. Install chians onto safe pin.
  4. First, snip 3 chains, and the length of which depend on your beading jewelry designs; Second, pick 1 chain, one end is threaded onto “eye” and the other onto the middle hole by jump rings; Third, repeat the above process, making left combined with right hole; moreover, hang a single chain onto the “eye”;
  5. End the costune jewelry.
  6. First, prepare beads by one and two onto head pin, making the pendants; Second, hook them onto chain link as per design;  




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