Rose Ring

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Materials & tools needed:

18-gauge dead soft wire (copper, silver or gold-filled); 20 inches is good for making a ring from size 6-size 8. You will need 1-2 inches more for larger sizes.

Ring mandrel (I use a sharpie in this tutorial, which is easy to work with)


Chain nose pliers

A fine file

1. Decide the size:

First of all, you need decide which size you want to make. You may use this instruction to find out your ring size. Choose something as mandrel one size larger than the intended size because the shank will shrunk smaller while wrapping.

2. Hold the center of the wire against the sharpie and wrap each wire end one time around the sharpie. It should look like this (above).

3. Twist the two wire ends together. I twist it by hands as the dead soft wire is easy to bend. You can use the pliers if you feel hard by hands. And…  keep going to twist the wires around the center point. You need cross the two wires sometime while twisting to create a tree-dimensional rose.

4. Leave about half inch wire at each end. You can cut the wire short if it’s longer than you need. Now take the ring out from the sharpie and use the file to remove any sharp edges on the wire ends. Run your finger gently around the end to see if it’s smooth enough.

5. Use the pliers wrap the wire ends on the side around the shank tightly. Try to hide the wire ends under the rose possible.

And you're done!


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