Rose Quartz Bracelet

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What you'll need:

rose quartz beads

copper spacer beads

leather cord(14 cm long, 1cm wide and 2,5mm thick)


1. Punch a hole on both ends of the leather. With a tool or with a thick, sharp needle. If you use a needle mark where you want the hole and then press the needle alternating from both sides until you are able to push the needle all the way thru. It takes a bit time and carefulness (do not pierce yourself!) but it will work.

2. Then start by going thru one of the leather piece holes leaving a tail (Pic4) and then start threading one sort of beads on your elastic over a length of about 4,5 -5 cm. Then go thru the hole on the other side of your leather piece and thread more beads creating a sort of circle with your beads. It's kind of an elastic bead loop. Close that loop near a leather piece hole with two overhand knots. I don't leave any extra stretchy string room but I also don't pull super tight to have no elasticity left.

3. Then the elasticity is sufficient enough to let the bracelet slide over the hand onto the wrist. I placed the knots on the lower or "inner" part of the elastic bead circle to make them less visible.



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