Rose Couple Finger Ring

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Have you ever thought of DIY a finger ring for him or her on Valentine's Day? They will be happy to get a big surprise. Next, we will learn the details of making the rose finger ring. Why not give a try? You will be proud of yourself. Let's begin!

Materials: chiffon, adjustable ring back, pearl, needle and glue.

Tie a knot at the end of chiffon.

Hold the knot in your left hand and start loosely twisting the end of the strip.

Wrap the twist loosely about halfway around the knot.

Hand the little section on the back side by sewing and twisted to the knot.

Continue wrapping and sewing until the rose is the size you'd like. Cut the remaining fabric so that you have the fabric to tuck in the back.

Twist the end and sew it down on the back of rose.

Don't cut your thread, bring the thread from the back to the top. Add the beads to the thread.

Sewing a  bead in the center of the rose. Try and sew the pearls 2 or 3 times. Because you might not be able to get the beads through the thread.

Continue adding another two beads.

Apply glue on the back of the rosette.

Finally, we just need to glue the rosette to the ring back.

It is easy, right? Would you like to have a try? 

Hurry up trying it! You will be proud yourself can make it! :  )

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