Romantic Rose Bracelet

Product Details

Materials needed: cotton, pearls, buttons, metal chain, sewing machine and needle.

Step 1: cut two pieces of long cotton strips.

Step 2: sewing the medium strips together by needle or sewing machine.

Step 3: seaming each side of strip and keep them elastic. Both sides of the strips should be seamed.

Step 4: After seaming the strips, we should load the buttons on the cotton strips.

Each side should be added two buttons.

Step 5: choose the thin cotton strips and fold into the shape of rose.

Step 6: put some beads onto the cotton strip

Step 7: sewing the metal chain in the center of cotton strip to decorate.(Add more different colored beads to in the center of cotton)

Step 8: Now, we can sew the shape of rose into the thin strip. 

A beautiful and romantic rose bracelet is making completed. Do you like it? I hope you will like it too! : )

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