Ripple Earring Project

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1) Put the thin line texture in your hammer and texture the metal blank on the dapping block.

2) Take a ruler and measure 7mm across on the textured metal blank. Mark this length with your sharpie and then take your snips and cut the blank in half, lengthwise, following the sharpie mark that you just made. File down any rough edges or corners with your flat file #4.

3) Take your hole punch pliers and make a hole about 1mm from the edge of one end of each of the textured metal blank halves.

4) Cut about a 2" length of wire and bend one end into a simple loop that is large enough to accommodate the hole at the end of one of the metal blanks. Fit the simple loop on, close it and then thread on one of the Aventurine rondelles. Make another simple loop that is perpendicular to the simple loop on the other end. Open one of the earwires and slide on the simple loop that you just created - make sure the texture side is facing out.

5) Repeat step 4 one more time to finish creating the other earring. Done!

Quantity of Items Needed
2 Kidney Ear Wire 33mm Surgical Steel
2 4" lengths of Nickel Silver Wire - Round 20ga
1 Nickel Silver Rectangle Blank 1/2" x 7/8"
2 Faceted Green Aventurine Rondelles 8x5mm
Texturing Hammer with Multiple Tips
Hole Punching Pliers - 1.8mm
Dapping Block
Straight Shears with Spring
Ultra Fine Point Sharpie Pen

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