Rhinestone Clay Pave Bead Ring

Product Details


1. Cut a piece of wire and make a curve at one end of the wire and then slide in a round bead.

2. Start wrapping the wire onto the bead and make at least 2 wraps.

3. After wrapping the wire twice onto the bead, make a 3rd wrap halfway the round bead and then bend the wire 90 degrees to the right and continue to wrap the wire onto the mandrel at least 2 times.

4. Take it off from the mandrel and this is how it should look like.

5. Continue to wrap the extended wire halfway onto the mandrel and then make a loop at the end of the wire with your round nose pliers. Bend the loop sideways and you're done!

6. Fit the ring. If it seems too big or small simply adjust the wrapped wire.

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